My motivations to join the association :

To be a part of Roots of Smile means a lot to me because I think that education is – and must be – a top priority for the future. Every young child should have free access to free education. Working with Roots of Smile allows me to give life to what I believe in. I also find very interesting and original to associate two different goals : education and ecology, both representing in their own way the future. In short, this awesome project charmed me the moment I heard about it at the Paris-Sorbonne University’s association forum.

What I expect from it :

I expect to share some strong moments with the other members of the association, who are all very committed, I will stand alongside them in both big success and small failures. Working as a team is the best way to reach the objectives we have at heart. We have a lot of projects coming soon, so I only expect our work to become more and more intense, the association to grow and for us to achieve our projects.

My role :

I am, within the association, the chief editor (even if I won’t write all the articles) and I am mainly in charge of our Instagram account – which I by the way invite you to follow if you do not already.



My motivations to join the association :
In an era in which ecology is a major issue for the survival of future generations and of animals species, and in which a lot of children do not have access to education, it is important that each of us do his best at his level to make the world a better place. This is why I chose to join Roots of Smile.
What I expect from it :
To be involved in an association is a good mean to become aware of the problems that are surrounding us and to look for solutions. Moreover, as I would like to  BECOME A WEB DESIGNER, I think that working on the association’s website would be a significant professional experience, in addition to being a great human experience.
My role :
I am in charge of the website.


My motivations to join the association :

It is a great honour for me to get involved in the association in this progressive action which is in harmony with my values of justice, ecology, fraternity and equality. I believe in studying and in its power of instructing men in a dynamic of sustainable development. I believe in the possibility of an elevation of human beings through education, allowing them to be responsible citizens, and able to dispose of themselves. Finally, I believe that there is a fundamental need to be educated in a world upon which men can be guilty of a massive extinction of species, of a nuclear war, etc. Subsequently, I want to work so that each individual can go to school and be alphabetized.

What I expect from it :

I expect my involvement in the association to get me to meet other people who are concerned as well with educational and environmental issues, and who want to realize projects – which also is enriching for me in a professional dimension, as well as on a relational plan – that are culturally enriching. At the same time, I do not really have any real expectations because I think that we can learn from our mistakes.

My role :

I help for the management of the different projects and also in terms of communication, that is to say that my work is dedicated to develop the projects and to make them known to the public. 


Sweet Rootosphere,

Time has come for me to tell you about what the Rooteam has been doing in the last few days, because yes, many things happened!

First of all, a little flashback on the summer. We are not going to hide it to you, the team was far from being united. We were all either on various trips, or working (summer jobs or internships), but despite that, we just kept working as much and as well as we could in order to plan the following year. We looked for new partnerships, new cultural, educative and culinary events, we planned the whole year and the next year’s events… Quite the program as you can see!

And at the very end of August, we launched a huge recruitment campaign! And YES, now that we are well equipped, we are ready to welcome more people so that we can be even more efficient.

On September the 11th, 12th and 19th, we were at the Paris-Sorbonne University’s association forum. (See for yourself : photo) Three long days that offered us the chance to meet amazing people who were both interested and motivated.


On September the 21st, it was our first Afterwork cocktail party. The first in what we hope to be a long list of Afterworks! The Rooteam and its many guests met at Le Génie d’Alex, a marvelous setting for a cosy evening. Concert, dance, theater piece and poems were on the program, thanks to the various troops that this ephemeral pub welcomes. Therefore, not only were we able to gather and chat, but we were also given the chance to enjoy these fabulous performances.

And the most amazing thing was that, at the end of this very evening, we could finally officialize the arrival of a few new members among us!!! It is then with great pleasure that I present them to you :

  • Emma, Managing Editor
  • Valérian, Project Management Assistant
  • Medhi, Web Manager

Well, it is on those sweet words that I will have to leave you but don’t worry, we will be back very soon. At one point we will have to tell you more about the next adventures that the Rooteam has been planning during the summer.

Big hugs and many kisses, see you soon!

Your Root-in

Eat better for our planet 

Hello everyone !

Two months have already passed since our concert. We hope you had a great time ; on our side, we are already preparing the next one ! Want a clue ? The theme is going to change. Let’s not forget that our association helps education through cultural… and environmental actions as well!

Because thinking about the planet is important if we want to continue living on it in good conditions, deteriorating not too fast. There are a lot of little things that everybody can do everyday; and if everybody does it, this will create change. For example: stopping to buy water bottles (and buy a reusable one), unplugging your phone charger when not using it, taking showers rather than baths, buying less overpacked products… These are little things that can change the situation if everybody does them, little by little. In this connection, today we would like to talk you about: vegetarianism.

You may wonder, what does vegetarianism have to do with the environment? Let us explain. Someone eating meat everyday uses about 15 000 litres of water per day, whereas someone who does not eat meat uses about 5 000. Indeed, the production of only 1 kg of beef needs about 15 000 litres of water (which is equivalent to one year of taking showers !), whereas 1 kg of cereals only needs about 2 000 litres of water. This is a huge difference. We do not usually think about it when eating steak or bolognese pasta, but to produce this meat, the animal had to himself eat and drink for a certain amount of time, then energy also had to be used in order to carry it, to “transform” it… All of this is a huge waste of primary resources and energy. Moreover, we all know that water is precious, and that too much people cannot have a proper access to it. Furthermore, large areas of land are deforested in order to plant crops to feed animals. This leads to the extinction of animal species, about a hundred per day ! So, would it not be way more effective, economical of resources and energy, and also ethical, to grow crops directly for human consumption, and to stop waste resources whereas there about 800 000 million people starving in the world ? Whereas we can very easily live without animal products ?

Here is a video which explains very well the damages of the consumption :


And an article:


Now, on to the practical part: you may think that eating vegetarian meals is complicated, expensive, sad, bland… Well no, it is not. On the contrary, it is creative, colourful, it is about discovering new flavours, inventing, exploring, tasting new ingredients and recipes ! And it is not expensive either. Nor complicated, once you have the basics.
Everybody can do it ! And Roots of Smile is going to help you 😊 Every two weeks or so, we will publish an easy vegetarian recipe, featuring simple and cheap ingredients. You will love it 😊

See you soon for the first recipe, and have nice holidays !

The Rooteam

Our first partnership ! Kep Children

Hello everyone !

We are very proud to present you our first partnership, an association called Kep Children. Kep Children is a NGO based in Cambodia, which goal is to help the education of the children of Kep. It takes over the tuition fees, and raises funds and donations in order to provide the equipment required for the education and the life of those children.

If you would like to know more about it, you can visit their website http://www.kepchildren.com/, or their Facebook page, where you can find detailed explications about their actions, as well as some videos to help you understand it better.

See you soon, and do not forget our concert (information about it on our Facebook page) !


My motivations to join the association :

Juliet told me about her idea to found an association, and I had to admit that I immediately liked it, but I did not know if I had enough motivation to be part of it… She added me to the chat conversation and seeing all that dynamic, creativity and commitment; I finally dove into the adventure! What better way of using all that we have learned in our lives by helping others to reach those life lessons?

“What did you expect?” #Schweppes

Good question! I think that I’m expecting to experience a great adventure, whether it is in a humanitarian, social or in a professional point of view. I think that we are lucky, and that’s why, thanks to Roots of Smile, I want to give others the same opportunities.

(And I am very exciting to receive Roots of Smile’s goodies with the association’s logo! Ahaha I looove goodies!)

My role :

I am the Secretary of the “Rooteam”. Well, I’m like the scribe of the association! I always carry my red notebook and write down everything in it. (it would be silly to let ideas go…)