Eat better for our planet 

Hello everyone !

Two months have already passed since our concert. We hope you had a great time ; on our side, we are already preparing the next one ! Want a clue ? The theme is going to change. Let’s not forget that our association helps education through cultural… and environmental actions as well!

Because thinking about the planet is important if we want to continue living on it in good conditions, deteriorating not too fast. There are a lot of little things that everybody can do everyday; and if everybody does it, this will create change. For example: stopping to buy water bottles (and buy a reusable one), unplugging your phone charger when not using it, taking showers rather than baths, buying less overpacked products… These are little things that can change the situation if everybody does them, little by little. In this connection, today we would like to talk you about: vegetarianism.

You may wonder, what does vegetarianism have to do with the environment? Let us explain. Someone eating meat everyday uses about 15 000 litres of water per day, whereas someone who does not eat meat uses about 5 000. Indeed, the production of only 1 kg of beef needs about 15 000 litres of water (which is equivalent to one year of taking showers !), whereas 1 kg of cereals only needs about 2 000 litres of water. This is a huge difference. We do not usually think about it when eating steak or bolognese pasta, but to produce this meat, the animal had to himself eat and drink for a certain amount of time, then energy also had to be used in order to carry it, to “transform” it… All of this is a huge waste of primary resources and energy. Moreover, we all know that water is precious, and that too much people cannot have a proper access to it. Furthermore, large areas of land are deforested in order to plant crops to feed animals. This leads to the extinction of animal species, about a hundred per day ! So, would it not be way more effective, economical of resources and energy, and also ethical, to grow crops directly for human consumption, and to stop waste resources whereas there about 800 000 million people starving in the world ? Whereas we can very easily live without animal products ?

Here is a video which explains very well the damages of the consumption :

And an article:

Now, on to the practical part: you may think that eating vegetarian meals is complicated, expensive, sad, bland… Well no, it is not. On the contrary, it is creative, colourful, it is about discovering new flavours, inventing, exploring, tasting new ingredients and recipes ! And it is not expensive either. Nor complicated, once you have the basics.
Everybody can do it ! And Roots of Smile is going to help you 😊 Every two weeks or so, we will publish an easy vegetarian recipe, featuring simple and cheap ingredients. You will love it 😊

See you soon for the first recipe, and have nice holidays !

The Rooteam


Our first partnership ! Kep Children

Hello everyone !

We are very proud to present you our first partnership, an association called Kep Children. Kep Children is a NGO based in Cambodia, which goal is to help the education of the children of Kep. It takes over the tuition fees, and raises funds and donations in order to provide the equipment required for the education and the life of those children.

If you would like to know more about it, you can visit their website, or their Facebook page, where you can find detailed explications about their actions, as well as some videos to help you understand it better.

See you soon, and do not forget our concert (information about it on our Facebook page) !


My motivations to join the association :

Juliet told me about her idea to found an association, and I had to admit that I immediately liked it, but I did not know if I had enough motivation to be part of it… She added me to the chat conversation and seeing all that dynamic, creativity and commitment; I finally dove into the adventure! What better way of using all that we have learned in our lives by helping others to reach those life lessons?

“What did you expect?” #Schweppes

Good question! I think that I’m expecting to experience a great adventure, whether it is in a humanitarian, social or in a professional point of view. I think that we are lucky, and that’s why, thanks to Roots of Smile, I want to give others the same opportunities.

(And I am very exciting to receive Roots of Smile’s goodies with the association’s logo! Ahaha I looove goodies!)

My role :

I am the Secretary of the “Rooteam”. Well, I’m like the scribe of the association! I always carry my red notebook and write down everything in it. (it would be silly to let ideas go…)


My motivations to join the association :

I’d been hearing Lola and Juliet talk about that project they had in mind for quite some time, and I immediately volunteered to join them on this great adventure. I found that the values promoted by Roots of Smile were noble and essential, especially today. Giving access to education to all children is a vital issue on which we can’t turn our backs. I think we should all feel concerned about this, because it is mostly through education that the situation in those less privileged countries could be improved. It is also an experience that enables us, young adults, to grow a bit more and to become even more aware of how necessary it it for things to change in our society.

What I expect from it :

I’d like to see Roots of Smile enable more and more children be granted access to school, make sure that a disability isn’t an obstacle to that anymore, and make sure that those children have much more opportunities in the future. Today’s world is full of inequalities, and I think education is essential to give those children a chance and ensure that they won’t become new victims of this society. I’d like to see Roots of Smile raise awareness about environmental issues and actions. Beware of Lola, she is an experienced and very persuasive environmentalist, after much discussions on that subject, she even managed to make me stop eating meat.

My role :

I am Roots of Smile’s treasurer. Broadly speaking, part of my role is to manage the funds, to draw up our budgets and be the carrier pigeon between the bank and my colleagues.


My motivations to create the association :

I have always been « the green girl »: vegetarian, bothering everyone in the family house so that they stop taking baths and turn off the lights… More seriously, I have always been very concerned about the environment and I wanted to take some concrete actions. I wanted to get involved into something that would allow me to share and realize my ideas. To me, one of the key aspects is information: people do not know the impact of their everyday life on the environment, and I think that if there were some easy things to do to reduce this impact, a lot of people would be willing to get involved. For example, I have a lot of ideas to improve the environmental impact of life at university, and one of my goal is to implement them. Moreover, I was interested in doing humanitarian actions as well when I met Juliet, so our projects were perfectly complementary. I also want to share my passion for all kind of arts and able young artist to perform in public, and for a good cause !

What I expect from it :

Obviously, I hope that we will really help people in need, and I would also like to raise awareness to the critical state of the environment, and set up some systems to able everyone to do something. I believe that it is this way, by informing people and getting to do simple things each day, that things will gradually change.

My role :

As vice-president, I make the main decisions in the associations, with Juliet. I am more on the cultural and ecological side though, I think about ecological initiatives, about events that we could create, people that we could meet, etc.

The how and the why – Juliet

My motivations to create the association :

Last  year,  in a  course  called  « Projet  Professionnel » (the aim of which was to make researches about a job that interested us and present it at the end), a teacher gave me the idea of creating an association. She knew that I wanted (and I still want), to work in the humanitarian and social sphere, and she told me something like « Why don’t you create your own association  here and now? » during  a  personal  meeting in which  we had to focus more on what to do now  to make our professional goal and our dreams come true. The idea seemed really great but difficult to achieve, at least at the beginning. I thought it would represent a lot of work and involvement and I also wanted to concentrate on my studies and going step by step (as I was already involved in another association). Yet, I wanted to try. I talk about it with my friend Lola, and she told me that she would also be very interested. By combining our interests we understood that together, we could do it. We worked on how to organize it, and following which values, which goal… We also went to the « Salon des Solidarités » in order to find more information about how  to  create  this  project  and  we  let  the  idea  grow  during  summer.  When  we  came  back  at university, we defined what we wanted to do and we decided to make it real.

Personally I wanted to do something for access to education. During summer, I had had to face again my handicap, and I also had participated to a European gathering and there through the movie Human by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, I really realized that education was the key to the society in which we live. It is at that precise  moment that everything became clear. I understood that it was already complicated enough, so I could not imagine how much it could be for someone that had a disability… Even moving in some French cities can be difficult, so in emerging countries… If education is the key to enter in the society, everybody should have the possibility to afford it. Passionated by the different forms of art, I thought that it could be great to organize some cultural events as concerts for instance. And Lola also liked very much that idea, so it was perfect! And during an interview that I had made for the course, I came to the point that maybe what I would like to do is to organize events that would allow to collect money for a precise goal, and this is what we are doing with the association. Moreover, respecting our environment is really important for me. And I think that it is by taking care of our planet and ourselves that we will, together, live in a better world.

What I expect from it :

Mmh… I don’t have any « expectations » in particular. I hope that it will be a great adventure that will  help  at  different  levels.  I hope  that  we  will be able to develop and expend  it in order to  raise awareness among as many people as possible, and to make things change a little bit!

My role :

As president of the association, I have to manage and coordinate the team. I work with the different collaborators of the association, whether it is for a one-time event or with the associations we decided to help.